This page has two customized AI ChatGPT chatbots which have been loaded with data from The ChatBots on this screen return information from only. They do not search the rest of the Internet, and they do not answer questions unrelated to cold fusion. We suggest you ask one primary question per query instead of combining multiple ideas within a single query.

These Bots are from, they may respond more slowly than other ChatGPT bots you have used before, because they are optimized to do deep searches, to remember context, and because this is ChatGPT Version 4, they may take 30 seconds or more to answer your questions.

Chatbot 1

Chatbot 2

Credit for these AI chatbot’s goes to Jed Rothwell, founder of LENR-CANR. Discuss developments in this with Jed and others in this thread over at the LENR Forum.