New Ed Storms Paper

Edmund Storms, PhD, released a new paper last month titled “The Nature of Cold Fusion (Cold Fusion Made Simple)” where he delves into the understanding of cold fusion. Storms emphasizes the distinction between understanding how LENR works versus why it works, drawing parallels to flying an airplane.

The paper outlines a model that describes the sequence of events leading to spontaneous nuclear fusion in a material, focusing on the formation of a Nuclear Active Environment (NAE) and a Nuclear Active Structure (NAS) which enable the nuclear process. Storms also discusses the creation of the NAS, nature of the nuclear reaction, evidence supporting the formation of 4H, and the effect of temperature and D/Pd atom ratio on the power production in LENR.

Storms’ model proposes that nuclear fusion occurs in gaps formed around embedded particles when Pd expands as it reacts with hydrogen or deuterium. The paper also highlights experimental evidence supporting the formation of energetic ions, electrons, and X-rays as a result of the fusion process. Additionally, Storms discusses the effect of temperature and D/Pd atom ratio on the power production, emphasizing that the amount of power produced by the LENR process is not affected by the change from electrolysis to gas loading.

The implications of the proposed model are outlined, and future measurements and studies are suggested to test the validity of the model and its implications. The model presents a structured and comprehensive approach to understanding the complex nuclear reaction processes in cold fusion, addressing various aspects of the phenomenon.

You can download the paper from ResearchGate here.

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