Quantum Hydrogen Energy at TEDxBoston

Clean Planet, Inc.’s Global Strategy Director Masami Hayashi presented November 11 at the TEDx Boston’s Planetary Stewardship Summit at MIT on the company’s CO2-free “Quantum Hydrogen Energy” generators.

Watch Quantum Hydrogen Energy here.

The QHe Ikaros generator [visit website] is poised to revolutionize heating technology for air or hot-water heating, powering a household for one month on 1/2 glass water. The hydrogen in the water is infused into the nickel-copper nano-particle wafers, and when heated, produces heat 10,000x beyond a chemical reaction.

All presenters for the TEDx Boston’s Planetary Stewardship Summit are listed here.

Masami Hayashi also spoke at the July 2022 ICCF24 meeting about development timelines for the Ikaros.

See also Masami Hayashi’s presentation at the November 2022 Société Française de la Science Nucléaire dans la Matière Condensée meeting.

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