LENR Forum News Letter November 2023

Download a [.pdf] of LENR-Forum News November 2023 here.

ISCMNS: Advancements and Opportunities

Progress on administrative issues have been made and the website has been accessed.  Follow developments on https://iscmns.org/.  Take advantage of the free ISCMNS membership until January 2024 when dues will be collected. ISCMNS members can sign-up for the monthly LENR-forum News directly to your box at https://lenr-news.com/iscmns/

Upcoming Key Events and Conferences

The Japan CF-research Society hosts the CF Study Group 24th Annual Meeting JCF24 on Friday and Saturday, December 1st and 2nd, 2023 at Tohoku University Electron Photon Science Research Center in Sendai.  The program and abstracts are published in English on LENR-forum here.  Click here for more information. Details here in [Japanese]  [English].

The 2024 American Nuclear Society Annual Conference [website] will meet June 9-12, 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada and feature a session on LENR in the Materials Science and Technology Division on the topic of “Sample Preparation and Examination of Materials for Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Experiments“. Details are available at the ANS Web site. For more, authors may contact organizer Steven B. Krivit, publisher of the LENR Reference Site and New Energy Times, at  [email protected].

LENR Library and AI Enhancements

October downloads at the LENR Library lenr-canr.org were up slightly from from last month, coming in at 12,130.  See the big picture data here.

ChatGPT chatbot aids LENR research using the entire LENR Library collection.  Search LENR research with the AI tool here.

Research Highlights and Global Endeavors

Read David J. Nagel’s Direct Electrical Production from LENR [.pdf] posted earlier this year for a summary of various methods to produce electrical current.  From the Abstract:  “This paper reviews various approaches to the direct production of electrical power by using excitations from Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR). Some of the methods only provide low voltages, currents and powers. Efforts are underway to understand and improve the outputs of those techniques.”  David J. Nagel’s study on electrical production from LENR is a must-read, available here.

A Kickoff meeting was held for participants in the the U.S. Department of Energy’s ARPA-E LENR Program on September 8, 2023 in Washington, D.C..  Program Director Bob Ledoux presented LENR Program Kickoff [.pdf]  Included is a slide “What we are looking for” stating:
‣ Well thought-out statement of hypotheses
– Independent/dependent variables
– Nuclear Level Diagram – probable decay channels
‣ Clear and detailed setup drawings and schematics
– Detailed knowledge of everything “in the box” and external influences
‣ Detailed data acquisition plans
– Time stamped correlated measurements
‣ Modeling using well known and trusted tools
– Nuclear, chemical, electrochemical, etc.
– Every “signal” rate is connected to every measurement
‣ Rigorous test plans
‣ Extensive analysis using advanced statistics
– Clearly defined statistical analysis
– Estimation using all measurements

You can learn more about ARPA-E here.


    Alexander Prosvirnov has just published a comprehensive review of ICCF25 presentations, including a group photo.   [Russian] [English]

    Quantum Hydrogen Energy: A Leap Forward

    Clean Planet, Inc.’s Global Strategy Director Masami Hayashi presented November 11 at the TEDx Boston’s Planetary Stewardship Summit at MIT on the company’s CO2-free “Quantum Hydrogen Energy” generators. Watch a video production of the presentation here.

    All presenters for the Summit are listed here. Ms. Hayashi also spoke at the July 2022 ICCF24 meeting about future developments, though timelines have been updated since then.

    Influential Essays and Organizations

    Jonah Messinger, a non-resident Senior Energy Analyst at Breakthrough Institute, has authored a new essay How Anomalous Science Breaks Through.  Read full-text here.

    The podcast SpaceshipOne features Eman Elshaikh and Jonah Messinger talking about Solid State Fusion: The Future of Clean Energy. Listen here.

    Artists are creating to communicate nuclear science to kids of all ages.  Graphics and animation can each be a discussion point for your conversations on energy science.  See the first series playlist debut on Youtube at Solid State Fusion Explored. [Youtube][Instagram][X formerly Twitter][LinkedIn]

    One investment fund increases the focus on zero-carbon nuclear energy and another is sticking with traditional power-hungry tech.  Read the essay Parnassus Versus Green Century: A Contrast in Styles here.

    Another devastating analysis has been released by Oxford Open Climate Change authored by researchers from the U.S., China, South Korea, France, and Netherlands.  “…under the present geopolitical approach to GHG emissions, global warming will exceed 1.5 degrees C in the 2020s and 2 degrees C before 2050. Impacts on people and nature will accelerate as global warming increases hydrologic (weather) extremes. The enormity of consequences demands a return to Holocene-level global temperature. Required actions include: (1) a global increasing price on GHG emissions accompanied by development of abundant, affordable, dispatchable clean energy, (2) East-West cooperation in a way that accommodates developing world needs, and (3) intervention with Earth’s radiation imbalance to phase down today’s massive human- made ‘geo-transformation’ of Earth’s climate. Current political crises present an opportunity for reset, especially if young people can grasp their situation.”  Read the writing here or download a .pdf.

      Community Engagement and Final Insights

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