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NEW DATES for the 2024 American Nuclear Society Annual Conference [website] meeting June 16 –19, 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada with the theme All In on Nuclear Deployment: The Stakes Have Never Been Higher.

The Materials Science and Technology Division (MSTD) will hold a Technical session on the topic of “Anomalous Heat and Isotopes in Low-Energy Nuclear Reaction Research” Tuesday, June 18, 2024 from 3:15PM–5:00PM PDT.  [visit program].

For more information, Session Chair Steven B. Krivit, publisher of the LENR Reference Site and New Energy Times, can be contacted at  [email protected].

16th International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen Loaded Metals
The Bill Collis Memorial Workshop
September 2 – 4, 2024 in Strasbourg, France

with a Special Invitation from CleanHME:
A Program at the European Parliament
September 5, 202

IWAHLM16 The Bill Collis Memorial Workshop will be held in Strasbourg, France between Monday, September 2 through Wednesday, September 4, 2024 courtesy the SFSNMC https://www.sfsnmc.org/  and ISCMNS https://iscmns.org/

This year’s meeting is dedicated to Bill Collis, Founder and first CEO of the International Society of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science ISCMNS who passed away recently.

On Thursday, September 5, IWAHLM16 meeting participants are invited to the European Parliament building in Strasbourg for a program courtesy the European CleanHME project.  Separate registration is required.

Information on both events, including links to register, are at https://iscmns.org/workshops/iwahlm-16.

On Friday, 19 April 2024, Dr. Natalia Targosz-Sleczka will present the CleanHME project to high-school students during the “Science Festival” event in Stargard, Poland. The title of her open talk is “Clean Energy for the Future – CleanHME”. During this talk the students will learn how fusion-based processes can be used to generate energy. Read more here.

Join the CleanHME Program [visit] at the European Parliament buidling in Strasbourg, France on Thursday, September 5, 2024.  Special registration is required.  Lunch included.  Find more information at https://iscmns.org/events/clean-hme-european-parliament-strasbourg.

Jean Paul Biberian reports at ICCF25 on the excess heat from hydrogen in nickel-copper nanopowder made from hydrotalcites, a collaboration sponsored by the CleanHME Project. Watch on Youtube here.


March downloads at the LENR Library https://lenr-canr.org/ were up from February, coming in at 22,114, whereas the previous month was 14,041.  The full data is here.  New archived and newly uploaded papers can be found on the Recents page.  View the LENR Library catalog using the AI-enabled interface at https://lenrdashboard.com/.

Anthropocene Institute [visit] organized events at this years SXSW in Austin, Texas. “The SXSW Conference provides an opportunity for the global community of digital creatives to encounter cutting-edge ideas, discover new interests, and network with other professionals who share a similar appetite for forward-focused experiences.” [visit].

Clean Planet, Inc Founder and CEO Hideki Yoshino participated in a panel Fusion Energy: A Shortcut to Solving Our Climate Emergency at SXSW in Austin, Texas.  Find an an audio recording here.

SXSW 2024 also hosted Nuclear Texas Event with a speakers Jimmy Glotfelty, PUC Commissioner, J. Clay Sell, CEO of X-energy, Derek Haas, UT Austin Nuclear Engineering Professor and Carl Perez, Co-Founder and CEO of Exodys Energy in a discussion on challenges of faced by nuclear technologists.  Watch video here.

New interviews with Francesco Celani and Dimiter Alexandrov are posted here.  Check out the Solid State Fusion Crew science animation Shorts on Youtube here or on Instagram here

See history in the making as early CMNS science VHS tapes are digitally preserved by ISCMNS Archivist Rob Christian. Look for new publicly available files at Archive.org [visit] and the ISCMNS Youtube channel [visit]. 

Join the ISCMNS. and enjoy early access to research and special rates at conferences, workshops, webinars. Apply here.


George Washington University Professor David J. Nagel and colleagues from New York University Computer Science Department have published Towards Understanding Low Energy Nuclear Reactions: Structuring the Literature and Applying Data Analytics.  [.pdf] in the 2024 Proceedings from the 9th International Conference on Big Data Analytics pages 70 – 84. From the Abstract:  “…In this study, we introduce a preliminary framework of analytical tools that could assist the LENR community in accessing literature and applying machine learning for mining insights…….  Through interactive interfaces, we enable targeted investigation of specific reported phenomena.  Findings provide data-driven insights into the connections between concepts like heat, helium, transmutation, and other measured effects. The analysis also identifies key contributing authors, organizations, and publication venues. By moving beyond isolated results to higher level knowledge, this work aims to advance the field by providing revealing relationships in the collective evidence…”

Read up on the JCMNS paper Vladimir Vysotskii and Mykhalo Vysotskii Effective LENR in Weakly Ionized Gas Under the Action of Optimal Pulsed Magnetic Fields and Lightning (Theory and Experiments). [.pdf]. From the Abstract:  “The features and mechanism of LENR production in a system of free particles under the action of a weak impulse (e.g., the action of a pulsed magnetic field) are considered. It is shown that in such a system effective formation of coherent correlated states of particles with the accompanying very sharp increase in the energy fluctuations take place. The amplitude of these fluctuations exceeds by many orders the average thermal energy of the particles and can reach 10–50 keV and more. This mechanism fully explains the nuclear reaction both in the atmosphere during a lightning discharge, and laboratory experiments conducted using electric discharges.”


RockStar Fusion [visit] has posted on Yahoo Finance they have “successfully demonstrated the FireStar Drive, a groundbreaking electric propulsion unit for spacecraft that uses nuclear fusion-enhanced pulsed plasma.”  Read the release here.

The Brilliant Light Power [visit] shareholder meeting reviews recent progress and emphasizes a timeline.  Find the presentation file and a video here.


Reuters has reported the U.N. Climate Chief says “We have two years to save the Earth.”  Go back to sleep or read more from Reuters here.

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