LENR Forum News September 2023

Introduction to LENR Forum News September 2023

Looking for the latest in Open Science and Emerging Energy Technology? LENR Forum News September 2023 has got you covered. This monthly newsletter tackles a variety of topics, from upcoming workshops to groundbreaking research. So, let’s dive right into the key highlights of this month’s edition.

Bill Collis Memorial Workshop: A Future Event to Watch

Europe will host the Bill Collis Memorial Workshop in September 2024. Jacques Ruer from the La Société Française de la Science Nucléaire dans la Matière Condensée (SFNSMC) and Lynn Bowen from the International Society of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (ISCMNS) are co-organizing this event.

ICCF25: A Grand Success

The local community and the staff at the Radisson Blu welcomed the 25th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science, or ICCF25, with open arms. Hosted by the University of Szczecin, the event was a resounding success.

Journal Updates: Fresh Off the Press

ISCMNS members, you can now subscribe to the monthly LENR-forum News directly in your inbox. The Journal of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science has uploaded its Volume 37 for September 2023.

Cold Fusion Research Laboratory: New Insights

Hideo Kozima, the Director of the Cold Fusion Research Laboratory, has published the CFRL English News No. 118. This edition highlights the 24th Annual Meeting of the Japan CF-Research Society, JCF24.

The Spectrum of Nuclear Innovation by Florian Metzler

Florian Metzler of MIT and Jonah Messinger of the University of Cambridge have published an article titled “The Spectrum of Nuclear Innovation.” The article explores the variable amount of radioactive materials involved in various nuclear innovations and their release potential. Read the full text here.

Diadon Acs at ICCF25: Machine Learning and LENR

Diadon Acs, a notable contributor to LENR-forum, made a presentation at ICCF25. He focused on how Machine Learning Techniques can benefit LENR research. Learn more about it here.

Downloads at lenr-canr.org: A Slight Dip

Downloads at lenr-canr.org have decreased, falling from 23,151 in July 2023 to 15,185 in August 2023.


In summary, the LENR Forum News for September 2023 serves as an all-encompassing guide to the latest developments in Condensed Matter Nuclear Science. Whether you’re interested in workshops, conferences, or research, this newsletter is essential reading for anyone keen on Open Science and Emerging Energy Technology.

Stay informed with LENR-News for continuous insights into the evolving world of LENR technology and innovation.

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