The LENR-Forum team are proud to present the first of a new series of video discussions, where prominent LENR researchers meet to present, discuss and answer questions about their work. In this session we look at the LEC, a simple device that produces electricity directly, in a way which is not entirely understood. Such a device has the potential to be a game-changer, because although in its current form the electrical output is tiny it offers the possibility of creating silent, non-polluting and inexpensive batteries which never need recharging. Though that is at the moment a distant target.

The content here is in two parts – Part 1 is a 20 minute video made by Frank Gordon and Harper Whitehouse in which they share views of a LEC device in action, and describe and run some basic tests. Part 2 is a panel discussion hosted by the forum team and introduced by Ruby Carat in which Frank and Harper answer questions.

The panel includes well-known LENR researchers, from the USA Professor David Nagel and Andrew Eckersley (LANL), Fabrice David and Professor Jean-Paul Biberian from France. All the scientists on the panel have direct hands-on experience of the LEC system, or in Fabrice David’s case the related Cold fusion Diode system. The discussion is moderated by Alan Smith, and the closing words of thanks are from our very own David Nygren. We wish to thank everyone who contributed for their help and support, both on camera and behind the scenes.

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