AI tools aid LENR research

Jed Rothwell implemented a stand-alone version of ChatGPT on the Lenr Library and has had success in taming the wild hallucinations that have revealed the weakness in AI. You can use the ChatBot here: LENR-CANR ChatGPT

He experimented extensively to train the ChatBot to supply true results, with success. Even so, AI analysis operations are still a work-in-progress.

Another tool using AI to operate on LENR data has been introduced by David J. Nagel in during ICCF25 when he proposed AI as an inevitable part of LENR research. Then, a project between David Nagel from George Washington University and Computer Science Professor Anasse Bari from New York University was announced. Link to lenrdashboard here:

It contains papers from the LENR community and related fusion sciences and allows searching and queries beyond just Author and Title. Further experimentation is needed as the veracity levels of results are evaluated, so proceed with caution when using this Open Science experiment.

*Featured image from In 1930, Robots Were Stealing Musicians’ Jobs by Evan Ackerman 15 Feb 2012

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